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Benny Greb/Grebfruit 2 – CD

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Grebfruit 2 – CD

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Listening to the Grebfruit 2 becomes a fascinating ride through heavy drum-patterns, webs of vocals, arias, freaky sounds, pumping basses and mighty choirs. „Grebfruit 2“ is not a typical solo-album. It is not what might be expected from a musician who is a drummer foremost – it is an engaging tour de force of a broad musical mind. While all tracks certainly have a very specific character and edge to them, even three cover versions are easily incorporated into its distinct soundscape, inviting the listener to repeated visits.
All this seems to be summed up and symbolized by the albums artwork: Benny Greb may be able to sing with many a voice, but the source of this compelling sound-universe is just one mind in one head.


01. Strings (04:39)
02. Jesus he knows me (04:29)
03. Mrs Thomas (02:35)
04. Grebchestra (03:51)
05. Mixed Greens (03:23)
06. Tricky (02:08)
07. Happy Funeral (03:02)
08. Couscous (04:15)
09. I’m tweeked (07:33)
10. Blackbird (2:42)

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