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Benny Greb Drum Camp: IMPROVISATION & SOLOING 2023


20th November 2023 (5 pm) –
23rd November 2023 (2 pm)


Bayerische Musikakademie Hammelburg
Am Schlossberg
97762 Hammelburg, Germany


single rooms included


breakfast, lunch, dinner included


€ 1.299,-


25 participants (max)


beginner – intermediate –
advanced – pro




lessons will be held in English


– How to get from nothing to something
– How to solo over a vamp
– How to build a freeform solo
– Different fill concepts
– How to solo in different styles
– How to solo over ostinatos
– How to expand your vocabulary
– open classes
….. and a lot more

We should all be able to sit down on the drums in any situation and “just play”.

This drum camp will help you get there and beyond. This camp will help you explore a different side of your musicianship on the drums and most importantly… it will be a lot of fun. People have the wildest misconceptions about improvisation. That it is advanced, that you need an almost limitless vocabulary as well as a genius-level creative mind, and that it has to be an unmusical chops fest.

In this camp you will learn that improvisation is a natural extension of your playing, no matter what level or style of music you play. It can help you explore and use all facets of drumming, including the rhythmic and the melodic. There are many simple and fun improvisation exercises that show immediate results that we will do together in this camp. We will also explore different types of solos that you might encounter in a professional setting, from free form to soloing over a vamp.

The camp will be held in the beautiful Musikakademie Hammelburg. The participants and Benny will live and eat there together (accommodations and catering are INCLUDED in the Drum Camp fee). Please bring a snare stand, sticks and your bass drum pedal.

Whatever your current level of drumming is, this camp will take you to a higher level in a non-competitive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Some mind blowing might occur and you’ll have a great time!

If you have any questions send an email to:


Unfortunately this camp is already sold out. If you would like to add your name to the waiting list please contact us at


*) To be able to participate in the Drum Camp, you have to be at least 16 years of age. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you need the permission and signature of your parents.


Day 1

16:00 h – arrival & check in
17:00 h – welcome & introduction
18:00 h – dinner
19:30 h – lessons

Day 2

08:00 h – breakfast
09:30 h – warm up
10:15 h – lessons
12:30 h – lunch
14:30 h – lessons
18:00 h – dinner
19:30 h – lessons


Day 3

08:00 h – breakfast
09:30 h – warm up
10:15 h – lessons
12:30 h – lunch
14:00 h – lessons
18:00 h – dinner
20:00 h – lessons


Day 4

08:00 h – breakfast
09:30 h – warm up
10:15 h – lessons
12:00 h – lunch
13:00 h – goodbye
14:00 h – departure

Study With a Master

Learn directly from a world class drummer in a relaxed, distraction free environment.

Once In A Lifetime

This is a one-off event.

A Personal Experience

There are only 25 students at each Camp to ensure you’ll get the feedback you need to improve your skills.

Upcoming Master Sessions

Written By: Tom Test

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